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// 05/07: BAD NEWS: you haven't seen any demo from us for more than a year. FRequency, it's not over, but life makes our coders very busy with other things. You'll perhaps see new FRq entries in streaming music compos until I come back with GOOD NEWS


// we had a couple more releases in 2012. I'll post them soon :)

// 29/04: h2o went to VIP2012 to release our No Radioactivity wild demo. We ended third. So we were luckier than at Revision 2012 were the prod was disqualified. 

// 08/04: Scenemon, the digital version of the classic 1980's Simon game is released by h2o (Rebels), Bero (farbrausch). FRequency is associated to the project thanks to h2o who charges ulrick to do the main track and re-do 5 classical demoscene hits, yet in their simplest form (1 midi file including only 1 instr and 1 note at a time). The Game ends first at Revision 2012 in the Gamedev category. 


// 18/09: "Budastep" by ulrick ends 4th ex-aequo in the streaming compo at Function 2011. 

// 07/09: our first webgl release dont in collaboration with Syn[Rj] and m4de, DemoJS-fff ranked 2nd out of 60 in the Single-Effect category by Mozilla Lab (Demo Party Online Competition 2011). The intro was an invitation intro made for DemoJS demoparty (July 2011).

// 30/05: back from VIP 20!!: with xtrium we won the third place in the streaming  music compo (Bye bye @lx for our friend @lx who is going to work in Japan). We started a fastcompo production with H2o/Rebels as we arrived at the party place, but were short in time to release. No problemo :), we might make a prod from what we did there. VIP 20!! was a cool party, anyway.

// 27/04: back from Revision 20!!: xtrium won the third place with his synth in the exe music compo (please, listen to Neutron Dreams). Our "Where are they?" animation/video could have won a third place, but we have to satisfy with a position of 4th out of  9 entries. Revision 20!! was a cool party, however. And we wish we will do as good or even better at Revision 20!2.

// 06/02: Ergon was nominee for Scene Awards in the 4kb category. Finally it is "cdak " made by groups Quite & orange who won the first place.


// 01/12: @lx has just released SharpDX, a new platform independent .Net managed DirectX API that he will use as a core component for demomaking.

// 11/10: we really enjoyed main#5 demo party. Not because we ranked well, but rather as the result from the welcoming attitude of all people (orgas and supporting staff) who organized it. We also met well established groups and new ones from France. French demoscene is back! Laughing

// 04/10: we finished 1st at main#5 in the 4k (Another Theory, a minimal remix of "Chaos Theory" by conspiracy) and Huge Screen (madchip) categories.We also had an entry in the wild category, Cube Field, a tiny game to be used in your spare time; another wild entry on Wii co-coded by xtrium and RaHoW from APEX: Sintro. Our talentuous grafician, mestaty ranked 4th out of 19 with is mosquito.

// 08/09: we released our main#5 invitation demo, Hall of Frames at Evoke. Enjoy the Hall model and the Rubiks. We are applying the necessary polish touches to have a clean party version.

// 19/08: xtrium from Trolls in The Shadows joinded us in June. Obviously, he will still work with TiTS. We are very happy about his venue!

// 10/04: on April 2--5, we attended 2010's Breakpoint demo party, which was amazing, more particularly for those of us who never attended so big events. We had 2 entries, retrospection made with Trolls in The Shadows and ergon in the 4k category, a photo and a music. Only our 4k entries did well, with ergon at the third place.


Was a very productive year: at Numerica ArtParty#2, FRequency won the 1st place in the 4K category with Metatunel and in the 64K category with Raytro and fourth place with Coolossus by mestaty in the Raytraced graphics compo. in the main#4 event where we presented Clouds Dream, a 4k which came 3rd just after to the Road of Ribbon which came 2nd out of 6 other entries (competing with Alcatraz's rudebox, which came first , made us proud but also realize that we lag behind these guys) . We participated to the Huge Screen Compo which ranked 3rd out of 9 entries and mestaty produced a graph (9th position out of 20).Last but not least, we released a Site Opening intro, Potatro , for the new forum,, launched by Adinpsz. In December 31st, for Christmas, XT95 released on an executable 4k procedural graphics, Xmas, just for fun. 


In August, we released our first 4k, Voxeltro at Evoke demo party. We end 5th.


// 1-4/11: FRequency is born; first demo released at main#2: Radial Pipes.


The FRequency team

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64Ko Intros

Radial Pipes Demo

RadialPipes.jpgPremière production de FRequency!

Une démo développée à l'occasion de la partie MAIN-2007 qui s'est déroulée à Marseille en novembre 2007. Première production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par Ulrick.

 [TODO ajouter une description de la démo]

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4Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpgSeconde production de FRequency!

Une intro développée à l'occasion de la partie Evoke-2008 qui s'est déroulée à Cologne en août 2008. Seconde production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par ulrick et @lx.

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1Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpg3ème production de FRequency!

Une petite intro développé en quelques jours.

Programmation par xt95.

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