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ulrick.jpgMy passion for creating things using computers started  with my first computer, a Spectrum-ZX81 in 1983. This computer was sold to me with an accompanying book for learning BASIC. I ploted diagrams and other objects as I did not know if any game was available for that machine. Anything I coded was lost once I turned the machine off. 

commodore_amiga_500.pngNext I got a series of Amstrad: CPC 464 then CPC 6128. As many others, I turned quickly to   Amiga ! I bought consecutively the 1000 then Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200, then a PC (now). I always have used computer for programming more or less graphic-oriented things before I ended-up making music on the the Amiga 1000 and composing my first zik with Soundtracker of Karsten Obarski in 1988 with the A500. I kept coding things in isolation in IRIS but composing is by far what I prefered.

In 1990 I had the chance to compose the tunes of the game Explora III for Amiga and Atari ST. There I met the great team of MicroVideo located in Perpignan (France).

I started in my childhood to feel passion about computers, and more particularly about video games. When I was 10 I undertook to create a game in Dark Basic. 64.jpg

I used to watch demos issued in mag PC-TEAM's cd-rom without really having a clue about how they were made and what they were aimed at. I was sensitive however about the skills they seemed to involve. The fact that coders succeeded in puting killing animations and music in only 64kbs impressed me.

Vers 12 ans je passais sous GNU/Linux, et mes petites experiences avec Dark Basic s'arretaient là (Dark Basic étant basé sur DirectX donc non portable sous linux).

J'appris alors le C puis le C++. En étant toujours très attiré par la 3D, j'appris aussi OpenGL... Mes 2 années suivantes se résumerent en la création d'un moteur 3D mal conçu qui finit à la poubelle pour un jeu vidéo amateur (qui a finit à la poubelle aussi)..

Puis je "rencontra" ulrick sur internet et nous décidions de créer FRequency et de sortir une production à la Main Party 2007, Demoparty à laquelle on rencontra par la suite Roukmoute !

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Rather than staying in front of the TV all the day during the hours I was alone at home, I quickly switched to PC. At that time one has to start Windows 3.5 by typying a couple of MS-DOS commands. This was also the time where I discovered Paintbrush, which was by far the most interesting application to me. In the same period I used to play games, a passion that I shared with some guy Silkut whom I met while being a college tudent before we both entered high school. On having access to more powerful PCs and more efficient softwares (Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, Photoshop, Blender ...), I really invested my time in the creation of 2D and 3D computer generated images. Silkut who saw my passion for computer graphics made me discover demomaking via the team in which he was at the time, but also through demos he showed me (The.Product, heaven seven, the.popular.demo ...). I was immediately impressed by the quality/size ratio of those productions.

Doing homeworks did not left me a lot of time to remain creative as I wanted. I therefore asked Silkut to introduce me to demomakers so as to improve my style quickly. In fact, I was willing to join as gfxer any group. I received un offer from XT95 who had co-launched a team that ha no drawer: FRequency.

The new challenge to me was to optimize the size of my graphs in terms of kbs. I also started builing more sophisticated meshes. Doing some work for the group allowed me to enter more easily to a school for learning video game graphics vidéo. In the near future I'd like to work for the game industry and pursue doing graphs for FRequency.


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Even though I had known about the scene's existence for quite a while I only decided recently to go and see what demoparties were all about. I thus met FRequency at Main 2007 (composed of XT95 and ulrick back then) and joined them shortly thereafter.

So far I've desperately been trying to come up with new kickass effects for a yet to come full-fledged PC demo. But that's only a cover, I'm indeed on a secret agenda to bring my beloved CPC back to life and take over the world. Amstrad's not dead!

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alx.jpgThe oldest thought which comes to my mind about my first experience with computers shows me at the age of 7-9, in the home of my cousin, the father of whom was computer engineer ... I remember him having a big computer in his room whereas my cousin had a home computer (TI-994A of Texas Instruments). I quickly got my hands on the TI's accompanying book (which probably was in English), and started typing one of the book's program without having a bit of knowledge in BASIC language. Once finsihed, I wrote the famous « Run », and what a miracle, the machine asked me to input some digit, then a second before it multiplied them ... I was amazed and became quickly convinced that programming was the sort of things I really wanted to do again, ignoring that it would become a true hobby!

I had to wait until I passed my Secondary 1 level before to be offered my first computer, an Amstrad CPC 464. I quickly fell in love with simple game development and graphical effects (my first book was one edited by Micro Application which aimed at creating adventure games). Its programs allowed to control for decisions making such as "go west", "go  north", "you enter a new room; wat do yo wanna do?" ..., so on so forth). Many computer magasines also published articles that included quick program example about "expert engine" - "logical inference engine" in Science & Vie Micro which I found exciting (without really understanding everything). A couple of years latter or so, I discovered Z80 assembly rogramming language. As did not have an assembler, I had to remember the machine instructions coded in hexa and input them through BASIC (with so-called peek and poke). This approach allowed me to develop some effects ... but my programming documentation was quite empty at that time, no one had Internet, which impeded upon my progresses in this domain ...

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xtrium.pngI was introduced to computers by my cousin who was studying this field when I was about 5 years old. I did take interest in it mainly because of the game he installed on his PC - a 486SX running at a whooping 33 MHz. A few months later, I traded my computer with that of a friend - I gave him the PC in exchange of his Amiga 500. The Amiga started it all . He gave it to me accompanied with around 200 floppy disks, including tools, demos, and games (with their cracktros).

I quikly started to play with AmigaBASIC and Aegis Sonix, as much as I was able to given I had to plug it in to the TV, which my parents did not quite agree with. A few years later, they bought a more powerful PC running windows 98 which had just been released, and my cousin (yes, him, again ) gave me Visual Studio 6. This is where I really started to code useful programs.

My other passion is music. I play drums, guitar and the piano, and in a few occasions, I create music. But when I figured a few years ago, as I discovered Renoise RB-338, that music could also be computer-generated, I realized I could practice the two things I prefered at the same time. And so I started to code music programs. My first try was called "SqSynth" and only generated one channel of square waves. It sounded quite crude but I planned to implement it in hardware (well, I never did). I continued to improve it, adding other waveforms, filters, and adding more channels, and eventually it became what one can hear in Retroaction, the first intro I made with my friends from Trolls in the Shadows.


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RadialPipes.jpgPremière production de FRequency!

Une démo développée à l'occasion de la partie MAIN-2007 qui s'est déroulée à Marseille en novembre 2007. Première production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par Ulrick.

 [TODO ajouter une description de la démo]

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RadialPipes.jpgSeconde production de FRequency!

Une intro développée à l'occasion de la partie Evoke-2008 qui s'est déroulée à Cologne en août 2008. Seconde production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par ulrick et @lx.

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RadialPipes.jpg3ème production de FRequency!

Une petite intro développé en quelques jours.

Programmation par xt95.

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