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glaces.jpgMy passion for creating things using computers started  with a Spectrum-ZX81 in 1983. This computer was sold to me with an accompanying book for learning BASIC language. I ploted diagrams and other objects, for I did not have any game on that machine. But, I had got no memory card either. Therefore, anything I coded was lost once I turned the machine off! 

commodore_amiga_500.pngNext I got a series of Amstrad: CPC 464 then CPC 6128. As many others, I turned quickly to Amiga! I bought consecutively the 1000 then Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200, then a PC (now). I have always used computers for programming more or less graphic-oriented things before I ended-up making music on the the Amiga 1000 and composing my first zik with Soundtracker of Karsten Obarski in 1988 with the A500. I kept coding things in isolation in IRIS but composing is by far what I prefered.

In 1990 I had the chance to compose the tunes of the game Explora III for Amiga and Atari ST. There I met the great team of MicroVideo located in Perpignan (France).

protracker-3.15.pngexplora3.jpgI roughly did half of my ziks on Soundtracker v1.0 (the Karsten Obarski version ?) and then v3.0, then the other half on Protracker 3.15. I composed about sixty modules, two or three of which reached the level required to be included in demos at that time while the remaining modules were for personal use. ACE of IRIS (now alx!) used a couple of them for its SpaceBalls megademo. I also composed modules for the game Explora III on Amiga and Atari.

I also played in a band just for fun. We did not show anywhere but that was a great piece of experience. I used to play with a Juno 2 and a Yamaha DSR2000. I had done Amiga samples with them which I used for my own prods and for Explora III. I am very grateful to alx who introduced me to Renoise that I use on my laptop. I am still new to it.

juno2.pngI had a break in music composing. This break was too long. Now I am back and very eager to spread new ulrick tunes throughout the demo scene! I kept unused songs that I would like to re-arange and improve with all the possibilities offered by Renoise. Today's musics are significantly influenced by the 1980s, which allows old guys like me to stay in, well I hope! I remember giving an interview to Crown of Amiga Music Preservation web site in 2004 where I said that "... I'd like restart doing something,..." and "I'd like very much to be involved in a demo again as a composer. ... developing [may be] a new style of music."  I finally thank all those people to whom I owe a lot since I have been ziking in the demoscene. I invite you to see pages of the other FRequencers!

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Radial Pipes Demo

RadialPipes.jpgPremière production de FRequency!

Une démo développée à l'occasion de la partie MAIN-2007 qui s'est déroulée à Marseille en novembre 2007. Première production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par Ulrick.

 [TODO ajouter une description de la démo]

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4Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpgSeconde production de FRequency!

Une intro développée à l'occasion de la partie Evoke-2008 qui s'est déroulée à Cologne en août 2008. Seconde production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par ulrick et @lx.

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1Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpg3ème production de FRequency!

Une petite intro développé en quelques jours.

Programmation par xt95.

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