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I was very young when I fell in love with computers, and more particularly with video games. When I was 10 I undertook to create a game in Dark BASIC. 64.jpg

I used to watch demos issued in mag PC-TEAM's cd-rom without really having a clue about how they were made and what they were aimed at. But I quickly understood that one certainly had to be very skilled to code demos. The fact that coders succeeded in puting killing animations and music in only 64kbs impressed me actually.

At the age of about 12, I adopted GNU/Linux, hence stoped to practice Dark Basic (being based on DirectX, Dark Basic was not redeployable for Linux).

I started learning C then C++. 3D animation appealed me too si I learned OpenGL. Then I spent two years in making a 3D engine for developing a game. I did not design very well the engine. In fact, I found it so limited that I trashed it (the game was trashed too!)

In 2007, I met ulrick on the Internet, and we decided to create FRequency and release immediately a prod at Main#2 in Marseilles where we invited roukmoute to join us.

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64Ko Intros

Radial Pipes Demo

RadialPipes.jpgPremière production de FRequency!

Une démo développée à l'occasion de la partie MAIN-2007 qui s'est déroulée à Marseille en novembre 2007. Première production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par Ulrick.

 [TODO ajouter une description de la démo]

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4Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpgSeconde production de FRequency!

Une intro développée à l'occasion de la partie Evoke-2008 qui s'est déroulée à Cologne en août 2008. Seconde production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par ulrick et @lx.

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1Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpg3ème production de FRequency!

Une petite intro développé en quelques jours.

Programmation par xt95.

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