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xtrium.pngI was introduced to computers by my cousin who was studying this field when I was about 5 years old. I did take interest in it mainly because of the game he installed on his PC - a 486SX running at a whooping 33 MHz. A few months later, I traded my computer with that of a friend - I gave him the PC in exchange of his Amiga 500. The Amiga started it all . He gave it to me accompanied with around 200 floppy disks, including tools, demos, and games (with their cracktros).

I quikly started to play with AmigaBASIC and Aegis Sonix, as much as I was able to given I had to plug it in to the TV, which my parents did not quite agree with. A few years later, they bought a more powerful PC running windows 98 which had just been released, and my cousin (yes, him, again ) gave me Visual Studio 6. This is where I really started to code useful programs.

My other passion is music. I play drums, guitar and the piano, and in a few occasions, I create music. But when I figured a few years ago, as I discovered Renoise RB-338, that music could also be computer-generated, I realized I could practice the two things I prefered at the same time. And so I started to code music programs. My first try was called "SqSynth" and only generated one channel of square waves. It sounded quite crude but I planned to implement it in hardware (well, I never did). I continued to improve it, adding other waveforms, filters, and adding more channels, and eventually it became what one can hear in Retroaction, the first intro I made with my friends from Trolls in the Shadows.

I find music-oriented programming really rewarding, because you can really "hear" your code, and a subtle change can alter a sound a lot. So I continued working on synths, giving a try at 4k synths, first in C (in Restricted Logic, The Intimate Thing and Retrospection), then in assembly, but I prefer by far coding on 64k synths as it allows more ways of generating sounds and arranging them.

As I heard about demoscene in the beginning of 2008, I thought graphics programming should be as great and rewarding as sound programming - well, it is . I had already tried this in Basic but the effort needed was far too huge for the young boy I was, always wanting things done quickly. I decided to learn OpenGL as I had learnt C and C++, and while it is not my main hobby, I do find graphics programming is a really great thing to play with.

In April 2010, XT95 and I released a co-op, Retrospection, which I really enjoyed working on. As it was released at Breakpoint, I had the occasion to meet the FRequency guys for the second time, and to spend some time talking with them. I thought the group was more what I thought a demogroup would be, and Trolls in the Shadows was slowing down a bit, so a few weeks later, I applied to join FRequency, where I was warmly welcomed.

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Radial Pipes Demo

RadialPipes.jpgPremière production de FRequency!

Une démo développée à l'occasion de la partie MAIN-2007 qui s'est déroulée à Marseille en novembre 2007. Première production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par Ulrick.

 [TODO ajouter une description de la démo]

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4Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpgSeconde production de FRequency!

Une intro développée à l'occasion de la partie Evoke-2008 qui s'est déroulée à Cologne en août 2008. Seconde production du groupe FRequency, programmation par xt95 et musique par ulrick et @lx.

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1Ko Intros


RadialPipes.jpg3ème production de FRequency!

Une petite intro développé en quelques jours.

Programmation par xt95.

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